Do you have dreams that swirl in your mind instead of taking action? Are you reaching your personal or professional goals? Are you ready to move beyond where you currently are into a world of possibilities?

Teresa's years of experience support individuals as they move into their dreams, let go of obstacles and discover strategies for success. No longer do you need to keep success at a distance. In one-on-one sessions, group renewal programs, or business trainings, Teresa teaches you how to discover the possibilities within the problems, how to create synergy in your organization, and how to move forward into living your dreams.

My First Book: "Pausing... Long Enough to Notice"

It is my intention that this book and the companion blog ( opens your heart to a new awareness of living a spectacular life filled with brilliant moments. It is my desire that we all live in the present moment, capture the essence of resiliency, transformation and appreciation.

Soon there will be an area on the site to purchase the book; until then we are offering copies at the Time for Me Day Spa in Clinton. You can also purchase them online at

You can also contact me directly at 315.525.3296.


Do you want to discover how you can transform your dreams into reality? Do you want to enjoy life, especially during the challenging moments? Do you want to increase success and joy in the workplace?

Teresa also enjoys leading women's retreats in amazing locations such as Minnowbrook,
a lodge on Blue Mountain Lake.

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Leaders for Life International Teen Camps

Leaders for Life, a teen summer Program for teens entering 9-12 grades, is held at Hamilton College and Snow Mountain Ranch, Granby, CO, and provides life-enriching experiences to enhance self-motivated positive behavior in the people who will
influence their communities.

Find all the forms you'll need to sign up on the L4L page.




Teresa's work focuses
on creating & supporting
Integrity-Based Leadership
in both the workplace and
in the community.

Registrations for
Leaders for Life International Teen Camp Programs are now being accepted.  
Call (315) 525-3296 today
to register your teen!

Jack Canfield, Best Selling Author of
"The Success Principles" and the
"Chicken Soup for the Soul" Series,
supports Teresa's work.
Teresa is an assistant at
Jack's Breakthrough to Success
International Conferences.

Click here to see Jack Canfield's Video Testimonial for Teresa.

Learn from one of my mentors,
Jack Canfield:

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Link for Jack's Summer Training: Breakthrough to Success

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