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Dramatic change can happen… By empowering each individual’s Ripple of Success™

Ripple of Success™

Dramatic change can happen; Teresa Huggins programs are a game-changer for individuals, organizations, high schools, colleges, universities and businesses.  In her inspiring presentations, trainings and workshops, Teresa shares stories and wisdom from her life experience as a teacher, trainer and author to connect at a deep level with her audience.

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Teresa Huggins “Ripple of Success™” Presentations, Workshops, Mentoring Programs and Weekend Seminars

Help your team discover how they can tap into their authentic selves – their unique talents, inner strengths and core genius – to unleash their own Ripple of Success™. Teresa provides the tools, exercises, techniques and “safe space” for personal and professional breakthroughs.

She readily absorbs the issues and makes participants feel comfortable and engages them in meaningful problem solving.  She is a master at leading innovative and impactful learning exercises to help audiences tap into their authentic self – their core genius.

Top benefits of Teresa’s Presentation:

  • Inspires you to tap into your core genius to become an authentic leader in your own life and a more effective communicator so as to fully unlock your highest human potential, discover your own power, and create your own personal “Ripple of Success™.”
  • Applying Teresa Huggins Ripple of Success™ Approach helps you explore your authentic self (your core genius) and capitalize on your unique Ripple of Success™ to improve your quality of life, job, and organization.
  • Helps you discover your core genius and identify specific ways to apply your unique Ripple of Success™ to maximize your potential.
  • When tapping into your Ripple of Success™ – your authentic self and your core genius – you are more productive, and contribute in more meaningful and impactful ways to your team and organization.
  • If you’re a manager or supervisor, you can better utilize your skills and the skill set of every staff member, even in fast paced organizations.

Specific applications of the Ripple of Success™:

  • Businesses that encourage employees to grow their leadership and communication skills as well as their unique skills and abilities (their core genius) – to improve their personal and professional impact to benefit the organization.
  • Supervisors, managers, directors, and executives can draw from their Ripple of Success™ to provide highly focused, energized, and effective leadership. In addition, supervisors and managers can motivate staff members by encouraging them to tap into their individual and collective Ripple of Success™. Even with a reduced staff, teams can be more energized and more productive.
  • University and college students can benefit from Teresa’s training and encouragement to build a career path founded on their authentic selves and core genius – a compilation of their specific skills, talents, and passions – with real-life reassurance that the money will follow.

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