Help Your Employees Acknowledge Their Core Genius…

How can you inspire your entire organization – leaders and employees at all levels – and give them the tools they need to improve how they communicate and how they lead?

Teresa Huggins presentations and programs help employees discover their highest potential through her Ripple of Success™ Approach. This program helps individuals reach their fullest potential and promotes leadership and excellence in communication, collaboration, and embracing constant change.

The “Ripple of Success” Approach

The “Ripple of Success” Approach promotes acknowledgement of each employees’ core genius as well as growth in communication and leadership skills. It also promotes team collaboration and unification to transform your organization.

This program is critical in helping your employees unlock their fullest potential and taking your organization to the next level. Having your employees apply their core genius at their job is a game-changer for their effectiveness and your company’s success – especially for fast paced organizations, educational settings and healthcare companies.

Teresa’s proven programs help each employee to identify their core genius and authentic selves to make a real difference in their personal and professional effectiveness – and have a positive effect on the organization as a whole.

Teresa helps employees explore their core genius and teaches them how to become leaders in their own lives… this awareness and acceptance drives positive change – both personally and professionally.

The Ripple of Success™ Approach transforms what’s possible by helping your team recognize and acknowledge what’s not working and then taps into their own inner strengths to grow their leadership, effectiveness and communication skills.

Teresa also supports employees – both individually and as a team – to apply their newly found core genius to their jobs to increase productivity, attain goals and contribute at the highest levels.

Teresa’s dynamic personality, wealth of experiences, and commitment to tapping into whatever is holding them back leaves the audience with a strong “can do” attitude and better understanding of how reach their highest potential.

How Teresa found her Core Genius and created her own Ripple of Success™…

Teresa started out as a teacher and invested all of her time as an educator and counselor. She worked to deliver meaningful curriculums and courses – until she realized that something was missing from the students she taught – the ability to recognize and embrace their own gifts, their ability to communicate in alignment with these gifts, and their ability be a leader in their own lives.

Thus, she set out to create her own program, which she now calls the “Ripple of Success™. Bringing forth her 30 plus years’ experience as an insightful educator, corporate trainer, teen and college trainer, and a compassionate counselor, she is now a teacher “without four walls”. She teaches individuals, employees, corporations, businesses, teens and college students how to harness their own unique skills, gifts, talents and passion to reach their highest potential.

With a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling, Teresa has integrated a wealth of knowledge to deliver outstanding success with her Ripple of Success™ programs. 

 She has facilitated meetings for dozens of companies large and small. Drawing on her experience, skills and intuition, she readily senses the organization’s issues and creates a “safe space” for participants to help them feel comfortable. She then is able to engage them in meaningful problem-solving and better communication. They leave with an improved understanding of the organization as whole, key strategies that yield solution-focused communication and how they can have a greater impact on their company and their jobs.


  • Supervisors, Managers, Directors and Executives can draw from their core genius to create a leadership “Ripple of Success” for the entire organization.
  • Employees are more aligned, energized and focused on the organizational goals and embrace change, become more effective communicators and function better as a team.

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