Teresa’s mission is to empower emerging and accomplished women with the knowledge, skills and network they need to expand their impact on their personal and professional goals as well as their home and work environments. This program helps women to reach their fullest potential and promotes leadership and excellence in communication, collaboration, and embracing constant change.

Program Highlights:

  • An individualized and collective process that addresses core opportunities such as: developing a clear vision, goal setting, and getting dynamic results with the support and contribution of others.
  • The opportunity to utilize daily reflection as well as identify desired Workshop achievements. Therefore, an important segment is dedicated to participants’ development plans to support their individual personal and professional goals.
  • A purposeful group “brainstorm” session that provides a perfect platform for the sharing of best practices and receiving of valuable insights to increase their awareness levels.
  • In addition to the personal and professional development process, our program addresses the whole person wellness, including activities like yoga, meditation, walking, and reflective practices.

How this Program Benefits Organizations:

Women will gain a deeper understanding of their core genius, communication style and leadership approach. As a result, they identify their essential tools and strategies for achieving their desired success and best serving their organization.

Personal Growth

This program creates an environment that helps women to link their personal growth with the success of their organization.

Reflect, Refocus, Recharge

This Workshop provides women with the opportunity to reflect, refocus and recharge. This is critically important for all women and especially those who are in charge of mentoring and/or motivating co-workers and team members.

Action Plans

All participants design realistic, manageable and measurable action plans for ongoing personal and professional development.

Maximize Abilities & Insights

This Workshop offers an excellent alternative solution to short-term coaching to maximize abilities and insights.

Teresa Huggins
President, Leaders for Life International

In her company, Leaders for Life International, Teresa accesses a unique blend of tools– partnering a Masters degree in Education with a Masters degree in Counseling, and 20 years as an insightful educator, she has developed a whole life approach to success and fulfillment.

Teresa has been devoted to inspiring children and adults nation-wide for over 15 years. Whether coaching, teaching, training or speaking to diverse groups, Teresa shows driven women how to design new models for success that are energizing, deeply meaningful and help them thrive no matter what. Teresa has integrated a wealth of knowledge to create a “can do” atmosphere in her programs.

Teresa’s enthusiasm inspires people to transform dreams into reality. Her interactive presentations leave the audience feeling that they can achieve all they desire. Sharing quick and easy techniques that can be implemented in one’s daily life leads to greater balance as individuals pursue goals.

Teresa’s interactive sessions fill the room with laughter and love. Her creatively designed workshops and renewal programs allow participants to fully embrace the concepts.

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