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Teresa is someone who is able to assert influence and change outcomes through the sheer force and power of her ideas. She guides individuals and organizations to expand their vision of what is possible. As a transformational leader, she collaborates with people to identify change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed participants.

Leaders for Life<br />
Educational Programs

Leaders for Life
Educational Programs

Leaders for Life International empowers teens entering grades 9-12 to fulfill dreams and achieve success.

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Women's Leadership

Women's Leadership

This remarkable program offers women the opportunity to access higher levels of awareness that translate directly to success.

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Businesses & Corporations

Businesses & Corporations

Use Teresa’s Ripple of Success™” Approach to promote leadership and excellence to transform your organization.

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Teresa D. Huggins

Meet Teresa…

Teresa’s enthusiasm inspires people to transform dreams into reality. Her interactive presentations leave the audience feeling that they can achieve all they desire. Sharing quick and easy techniques that can be implemented in one’s daily life leads to greater balance as individuals pursue goals. Teresa’s interactive keynote speeches fill the room with laughter and love. Her creatively designed workshops and renewal programs allow participants to fully embrace the concepts.

Combining over 20 years experience as an insightful educator and a compassionate counselor, she has become a teacher “without four walls”. With a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Counseling, Teresa has integrated a wealth of knowledge to create a “can do” atmosphere in her programs. Teresa also facilitates woman’s renewal weekends and teen leadership training camps. Teresa’s dynamic personality, wealth of experiences, and commitment to empowering others to discover their resilient spirit leaves the audience with a new focus.

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Dramatic change can happen; Teresa Huggins programs are a game-changer for individuals, organizations, high schools, colleges, universities and businesses. In her inspiring presentations, trainings and workshops, Teresa shares stories and wisdom from her life experience as a teacher, trainer and author to connect at a deep level with her audience.

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